How we work with you

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1. Use our expertise to help you in the design phase.

Often clients achieve the best results when we get involved early in the lifecycle of the project. Because we work with windows and doors all day every day, we’re used to spotting potential problems early on and making suggestions about how to avoid them. That’s why we recommend engaging us during the design phase to talk to your architects and talk through your designs while they’re still on paper.

2. Clear, accurate drawings and schedules for you to approve.

After working closely with you to understand your requirements, we produce detailed schedules and drawings that are ready for you to approve. Our working process means you can rely on our accurate and consistent drawings, leaving you to focus on the rest of your build.

3. High quality manufacturing, delivered on time.

Our long-standing relationships with our suppliers mean that we trust them to build to the highest standard and to deliver on time. This allows us to confidently tell you when your windows and doors will be on site and allows you to keep to your programme.

4. Installation using a skilled and experienced team.

Our sister company, Red Installations, carries out all of our installation work. This allows us to have complete control over the installation phase, and because we offer a supply and fit service, you only have one company to deal with and one contract to administer.

5. Project completion and maintenance – friendly and efficient support.

When the project is completed, our support and service does not simply end there. Our experienced team are always available to help resolve any issues that may arise. Furthermore, we have a series of maintenance contracts available to help keep your windows and doors in perfect working condition for years to come.

6. Building long lasting client relationships.

Naturally, we want to build strong relationships with our clients. We know and understand that our success relies and prospers directly with that of your project. That’s why we work hard to get the job done professionally, on time and to the highest standard. Our approach and attitude to our work means our clients come back time and time again.


Composite windows & doors

Our composite windows and doors are a true composite

Bi-folding doors

Bring the outside in with our stunning range of bi-folding doors

Winter Gardens

Add a light and bright space that's versatile and beautiful